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Starting my own business had always been a dream of mine. The fear of failure and not knowing where to begin always stopped me until, at the age of 56, I had the good fortune to meet with Robin and Liz of What If? Ideation. They listened to what my goals were and helped me figure out what would work and what wouldn’t. What I really appreciated was they would explain why something would or would not work, yet always left the decision up to me. They taught me so many things along this journey that will help me throughout my career.


I knew starting a new business would take dedication and hard work, but Robin and Liz were beside me every step of the way, encouraging me and being my biggest cheerleaders. They made starting a business and publishing a book fun and we shared many laughs. Although my business is up and running and my book is published, I know I can still call Robin or Liz with questions and concerns; what a wonderful feeling to know I can always count on their support. 

Thank you What If? Ideation for helping me conquer my fear and finally do what I love.
Forever Grateful,

Leigh Ann Gerk, & author of Dear Brave Friend


I always look forward to meeting with or talking to Robin and Liz at What If?. I have learned how to evaluate a business and my business; understanding not just the numbers but how decisions and people affect the bottom line. Their guidance has been paramount to my business growth and success; using What If? has been one of the best decisions of my life and I would do it again and again.


They not only understood what I wanted to do, but ultimately helped guide me to find my true passion, and they were very patient as there were a few hills and curves along the way. Learning to fail on paper was a wonderful inexpensive learning tool, knowing that ideas can fail and never actually lose a dime is a great creative development tool.


As my business grows they are there with encouragement and answers to my questions to keep my business growing. They have a vast network of partners to help almost any business in almost any area.


You will never have to feel alone again in business, they will be there every step of the way. They work with much more than just numbers. They will help align your actions and intentions. Simply amazing.

Thank you Robin and Liz, you are the best!

Mark Vise, Owner Vise Home Repair


Liz and Robin at What If?, have been a tremendous asset to me in helping me to reach my goals as a new small business owner. They helped me to overcome the hurdles of the unknown, fear of failure and the insecurity I dealt with daily concerning this new walk of life. I discovered these wonderful ladies when I reached out to them to mentor me through the process of defining my goals; helping me to realize the various options available to me so I could make the best-educated decisions concerning my company; and finally, above all, they didn’t judge me as inadequate, only untapped potential that both Liz and Robin wanted to help me cultivate in a fun, nonthreatening manner.  


When I proposed my idea of creating coloring books that incorporated coloring, meditating and journaling, they both jumped in with excitement to see this wonderful, but unusual avenue to relax come into fruition. Liz, being a fellow creative, helped me to overcome the hurdles of Adobe software that I haven’t used in over 15 years and she got me up to speed in this ever increasing technological world. She taught me the necessary skills to help me advertise my coloring books and take them to market. It was because of Liz, and her skills, that I am able to have a website that is easy to interact and navigate without confusion.   


As for Robin, the business person, she helped me to understand the different dynamics that are needed to run a business, both behind the scenes and in the public eye. She realized that I was a ‘blank slate’ when it came to the business portion of running my art company. She taught me with great patience of a well-seasoned teacher helping her ‘pupil’ learn the ropes in this previously untraveled road that I have chosen to take. To anyone, business savvy or creative, it is well worth your time and investment to allow Liz and Robin to come along side you in your journey to be successful in the business and products you are creating. I do not know how many times these two ladies have come to my rescue in giving me direction and counsel without ever stepping on my toes or discounting my thoughts.  


What If? Ideation is an investment well worth your time and monies. Thank you Liz and Robin for helping me achieve what was only a short time ago, just a dream, but now a wonderful, exciting reality.

Irene Neybert,, author Mindful Spirals coloring book / journal series.


Robin and Liz were exceptional in helping me to create a logo, business cards, and website. They went above and beyond the call of duty to provide me with outstanding customer service. I wouldn't have trusted anyone else to help me in my new business venture. These ladies are top-notch!

Heidi Price, Chief Wellness Officer,

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Balance Health Through Nutrition


Liz & Robin did a FANTASTIC, professional job—from start to finish—getting my book published. They were also very patient throughout the process and I felt the final result was excellent!


—Ron Stickler, Author of Reach & Exceed Your Sales Goals, Using Prosperity Personality Recognition


Wonder Women, Dragon Slayers, Friends and Mentors; all these adjectives and more come to mind when I think of Robin and Liz of What If?.


A single woman buying a historical building and opening a brand new business is an exciting AND a perilous undertaking. I simply could not have opened Rabbask Designs in Downtown Loveland and survived the past three years without the help and advice of Robin Shukle and Liz Mrofka.


From day one, Robin and Liz have given me affordable, professional small business advice as well as vital hands on help with research, business planning, and even some very difficult finance sourcing. In addition Robin and Liz refer people to my business, people who have become valued friends, customers and vendors. 


Their expertise and support have been unflagging and ongoing. They’ve helped guide me past various bumps and potholes to help me reach many significant milestones along the road. Robin and Liz are in the trenches with me and that is as good as it gets.

Jacki Marsh, Owner Rabbask Designs and Mayor of the City of Loveland

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I have known Robin for close to 4 years now. Robin and Liz have been invaluable to my continued growth and success as a small business here in Loveland, Colorado. Robin and Liz’s creativity, knowledge, expertise, support, encouragement, and professionalism are a pillar in my business. I would and have recommended them and will continue to. They are invaluable to this community and the small businesses in this community.


Paul & Cinnamin Dudley, Owners, Rocky Mountain Sharp Shop


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