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The What If? portfolio is a testament to our Intentioned Design process. There are no cookie cutter designs. We don’t take shortcuts. There is only original work in the best interest of the market niche and the business.

Our designs are unique because they capture the authentic voice of the business and commandeer the 
intended message. The message must be both visual and tonal.


With 25+ years of graphic design experience, including numerous national design awards, we only make it look easy.

Balance Health Through Nutrition
Heidi Price Marketing Booklet.png
Heidi Website.png

Using Intentioned Design, What If? collaborated with Heidi and conducted our in-house research to determine the best branding that would best appeal to her target market. After designing her brand, we created marketing materials to address the needs of her clients. Though her mini brochure is easy to hand out, it is also easy for clients to keep with them and reference for making healthy choices. Her website is consistent with her brand and provides clients with additional information about Heidi and her work as well as offering them the option to book an appointment.

Leigh Ann Gerk  •

MTLPL logo with tag.png
MTLPL Rack Card Back.jpg
MTLPL Rack Card Front.jpg
Leigh Ann Gerk event.jpg
Dear Brave Friend.jpg
Mourning to Light Front w_addressF.jpg

Leigh Ann Gerk is a pet loss grief counselor as well as the author of Dear Brave Friend, a book to help comfort the grief of losing a pet. 

What If? collaborated to develop branding that would be calm and hopeful and then carried that feeling throughout her marketing materials and website.

We designed her book to compete in her market, and she earned a #1 Hot New Release on 


Lindsay Hohn  •  3 Labs Development

3 Labs BC2.png
3 Labs BC.png
3 Labs Rack CardF-1.jpg
3 Labs Rack CardF-2.jpg

Lindsay Hohn came to us when she wanted to start her own company. After finally deciding on a name for her business, What If? created a brand to set her apart. Because her business is a three-pronged approach we decided to go with a triangular business card, bringing her talking points when people hold it and spin it. 

We created her rack card and then a proposal design that she could use in Word when putting her bids together. 

George Coll  •

Paint your Frame LOGO 2 COLOR.png
PYF BC.jpg
Paint Your Frame Rack Card back.png
Paint Your Frame Rack Card front.png

Artist George Coll came to What If? to discuss rebranding his business. A plein air artist, George “paints your frame” of view. What If? incorporated the art box used when painting outdoors. On his business cards we die-cut the art box image to match the frame on the back so you could look through the “frame”. His rack cards show how you can take one of George's classes and go from having never painted to some pretty great results, OR to expand your current artistic skill-set. 

PYF website.png

Irene Neybert  •

Irene logo.png
Mindful Spirals Scripture Cover.png
Mindful Spirals Mediation Single Cover.p
Irene Neybert Website.png

Irene Neybert is an artist, illustrator, and author. In brainstorming ideas, What If? designed her Mindful Spirals line of products. Irene’s coloring books have a unique twist, in that you can color, journal, and either be inspired by scripture or contemplate meaningful questions. Using the print-on-demand model, we helped her establish being her own publisher on Amazon and then used her art to create a variety of products as well as the ability to digitally downloaded coloring pages. This way she can create her art just once and generate proceeds in a variety of ways without carrying any inventory or needing to do any shipping. Her website also highlights her talents as an illustrator and fine artist for hire.

color pages.png
Scripture Bookmarks.png
PPR Logo F.jpg
Ron Stickler BC folded.png
Ron Stickler BC inside.png
PPR Facebook Cover2.png
Stickler promo card back.png
Reach Cover 2x3.jpg
Reach and Exceed 3 formats.png
Stickler promo card front.png

Ron Stickler came to What If? wanting to publish a book on his 
Prosperity Personality Recognition system. We created his brand  and carried it throughout his social media presence, website marketing. Besides designing his book and setting him up as his own publisher, we also created promotional materials and ads to promote his book.

Dr. Barry Thompson  •  Confidence-Driven Leadership

What If? collaborated with Dr. Barry Thompson to rebrand in a way that reflects his diverse life and experiences. As a captivating speaker and author, we needed to show prospective clients why they should choose him as their next speaker. We did this with his speaker's one-page, business cards and his Confidence-Driven Living book redesign.

Barry Thompson one page.jpg
Barry Thompson book copy.jpg
Barry Thompson BC.png

Before and After Redesign

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