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Different by Design

What If? was Created with Intention.  


Our primary goal is to provide a broad range of small business guidance and design services under one roof. The What If? difference includes: 


  • Unlike most other consulting companies, What If? brings a combination of creative skills and design expertise in-house, providing solutions not only to the question of what to do, but how to do it.   


When you work with the professionals at What If?, both analytic business and creative / design perspectives are always present. 


Our second goal at What If? is to provide the type of services we wished we had access to as small business owners. 


  • Our initial 60-minute consultation is free. This allows you to assess whether working with us feels like a good fit, and allows us to begin to understand you and your business.   


  • No billing meter is ticking. Working together, we will define the scope of the project, deliverables, and time frame; then we provide you with a fixed bid. Period. You will always know exactly what you're paying for, how much you're paying for it, and when you're going to have it. If, for some reason, we all determine that the scope of the project has changed, we'll discuss any additional costs before proceeding. No guess work involved.


  • Choice. Sometimes you don’t know what you need or want until you see it. We're here to make your vision come to life, so we always provide at least three designs / creative comps for you to review and consider. Our role is to provide you with a clear understanding of all of your options and their associated costs, benefits, and risks so that you can make the decision that is best for you and your business. 


  • Integrity. We will always provide you with a perspective based on experience and data. Sometimes this means we won't be able to offer a strategy for you to be successful with the business approach that you have in mind. If that's the case, we will outline for you the reasons why and we won't accept the project.  

  • Community. People do business with people. Business ownership is often isolating; having contacts to reach out to and work with makes a difference. We explore opportunities to connect you within the small business community. Additionally, we create and host MasterMind groups to enable you to continue to learn and grow by collaborating with other business owners.


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