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What We Believe

At What If? we believe that . . . 

  • Success is not compulsory. Small business ownership is hard work.

  • Time and money are a business owner’s most precious assets.

  • Fail early, fail fast, fail often . . . on paper. Innovation that works.

  • It’s all about the bottom line. Profitability matters.

  • Books are a business.

  • There are many ways to write a book and many books to be written.

  • Frugality. The simplest solutions are often the best solutions.

  • If it is important, we will help you find a way.

  • People do business with people. Start there.

  • Ideas alone don’t make money, their application does.

  • Hope is not a business strategy.

  • Management is not leadership.

  • Small business ownership can be both profitable and fun . . . really.

Who We Are

We are:

  • Local. We understand the local small business community and culture, because it’s ours too.

  • Small business owners just like you and care about your business as much as you do.

  • A diverse group. Diversity is critical for creativity and innovation, which is why it’s important to seek out points of view that differ from your own.

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We are:

Robin Denise Shukle is the What If? Chief Alchemist and Principal Consultant.


Prior to co-founding What If? Robin was the Executive Director of the Loveland Center For Business Development (LCBD) for eight years. Before relocating to Colorado, Robin had a lengthy career in Chicago that included technology positions in Fortune 100 corporations as well as international consulting experience with Andersen Consulting. She was recruited to manage the technology development in a Silicon Valley venture capital funded start up, continuing to build her career in positions as Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Quality Officer. When the venture-funded high- tech bubble burst, not wanting to return to corporate America, Robin bootstrapped two of her own business ventures in Chicago. Owning her own businesses as well as the experience in the technology start up world, gave her the true hands-on experience and understanding of what it takes to be an entrepreneur and build value based businesses. In 2007, she sold both businesses and relocated to Colorado to be closer to her folks who reside in Loveland. Robin holds multiple degrees from the University of Wisconsin in business and technology.

Liz Mrofka is the What If? Chief Ideator and Creative Officer.


Prior to co-founding What If? Liz worked for Interweave, a craft publisher where she designed a variety of magazines, books and marketing collateral. In addition, she is the inventor and patent holder of the Fobbie, Gift Wrapping in a Cinch® product. She won the Best New Product Award at the National Stationery Show which garnered attention in the industry leading to an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with Berwick Offray, the largest ribbon and bow manufacturer in the world. The Fobbie has appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX networks, as well as the Today Show and the QVC Shopping Network. It has also been featured in a variety of publications and blogs and has been sold at Michaels® Craft Stores in the United States and Canada. Liz is the past Vice President of the Rocky Mountain Inventors Association, where she helped fellow inventors and has spoken about how to take an idea from conception to market.

Hadley Rose Dawg is the What If? Chief Fun Officer.

Her natural talents and abilities, including exercise promotion, adventures and napping, provide comic relief and stress management.

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