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Economic and Recovery Aid for Small Business

The SBA has an economic injury loan program for small businesses affected by COVID-19.  

However, to qualify, the business must be in a State & County that has been declared a federal disaster area. To date, Colorado does not meet that criteria.    

To learn more about the program, you can get information at:

Additional Resources:

  • IRS programs - including delayed tax payment -

  • Facebook Small Business Grant Programs -

  • Colorado Enterprise Fund. If you currently have a CEF loan, please contact them directly. They are working with borrowers on a case by case basis.

  • Contact your business bank. Many banks are in the process of trying to create / roll out  'relief loans'. Your current bank is the best place to start—they already know you.

  • Hard Money (Private) Interim Working Capital Loans.  

    • A working capital  loan is defined as a loan that is taken to finance a company's everyday operations. These loans are not used to buy long-term assets or investments and are, instead, used to provide the working capital that covers a company's short-term operational needs.

    • What If? has a relationship with a private business financing organization that will provide working capital loans. I asked the Principal to outline the program and this is what he provided: I have a lender that can offer up to $250,000 in capital. One that offers up to $150,000 in capital. This is all unsecured. You must have 700 score credit or over. Your business needs to show a profit. They always ask for last years tax returns and 3 months of bank statements. The reason for the bank statements  is that they want to be sure you are not in the red each month or bouncing checks. This type of capital comes in the form of a line of credit or business credit card or the combination of the two. If the tax returns show a loss, which many businesses do to try to avoid paying uncle sam, then this makes it more difficult to get the money they need. Many banks really don't extend this type of capital to businesses. If they do, they would lend only if the business has assets that they can put a lien on. The two lenders that I work with do not put liens against any assets.

If you pursue any of these options and are asked for financial statements or information that you don't have—call me. I have templates that you/we can use to create the information that is needed.


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